Training Focus & Costs

Wanting to step up the training? This is for you. This squad covers 3.5 - 4km a session in 90 minutes with a focus on getting faster.

Some drills are included in each session. You will be able to compete in the longer open water swims i.e. Challenge Wanaka 3.8km.Coach to swimmer ratio 1/25. You can choose to swim 1 2 or 3 times a week in this squad and will be charged accordingly.

Gear Required

  1. Short fins
  2. Pull bouy
  3. Hand paddles
  4. Drink bottle
  5. Swimming gear bag

Quarterly Cost 12 weeks

1 day $134.00 which is $11.16 a 90 minute session

2 Days $184.00 which is $7.66 a 90 minute session

3 Days $215.00 which is $5.97 a 90 minute session




Monday 5.20-7.00am
Wednesday 5.20-7.00am or 7.00-8.00am make up session 
Friday 5.20-7.00am

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