Training Focus & Costs

Wanting a squad to compliment your water polo or triathlon training or you are wanting to take a step back from competitive swimming but want to maintain your skills?

This is the squad from you, a nice mix of drills and fitness work.Coach to swimmer ratio 1/25. You can choose to swim 1 or 2 times a week in this squad and be charged accordingly

Term Costs ( 10 Weeks )

1 day $119.00 

2 Days $154.00 

3 Days $200.00

Gear Required

Short fins - sold at the pool shop 

Finger paddles - sold at the pool shop 

Large Paddles - sold at the pool shop 

Pull bouy - sold at the pool shop

Coach: Shaun


Day Time



6.50 - 8.00am

6.50 - 8.00am

Friday 6.50 - 8.00am

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