Fee Structure 2020

Our training fees are an annual fee based on a minimum of 46 weeks of coaching per year  for the performance squad and 40 weeks for the development squads.Each month may have a different number of training days and weeks depending on when training breaks and public holidays.

Payment Terms

Fee payments are structured on a termly quarterly basis . Our account number is 02 0842 0003961 000 , please use your childs name and or invoice reference as your particulars.

Makeups Refunds

H20 Dreams policy is that it does not offer make up or provide refunds for unattendend sessions or when sessions are cancelled due to public / school  holidays or a squad break.This policy also applies for when a swimmer is unable to attend training for an extended period during the month as H20 Dreams can typically not replace the forgone revenue on a short notice and is similarly unable to reduce its costs on a pro – rata basis .

Quarterly & Termly Fees 2020 

Performance Silver 7-9 sessions per week        $375 per quarter 12 weeks

Performance Bronze 5-6 sessions per week      $325 per quarter 12 weeks 

NZ Juniors 4-5 sessions per week                      $280 per term 10 weeks 

Southland Champs 3-4 sessions per week         $230.00 per term 10 weeks 

Sharks 2 sessions per week                                $170.00 per term 10 weeks

Baracudas 1 session per week                           $120.00 per term 10 weeks

Youth Fitness   2 sessions per week                  $170.00 per term 10 weeks 

Term and quarterly fees will be reviwed termly due to the unceratin nataure of the environment we live in.

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