Swimmers progress to 3-4 sessions a week, with the focus on learning and refining the fundamentals of all four strokes, i.e. good technical habits.While also learning to train.

Swimmers will be racing locally and aiming to qualify for the NZ Junior Festival .


Once swimmers can consistantly complete the following skills they will be invited to move up to the NZ Junior Squad.

  • Kicking continously 200m in freestyle, backstroke in a streamline, breastroke and 100 butterfly kick

  • Streamlining off the wall  front and back 7m underwater 

  • Complete legal tumble turns and touch turns

  • Race start from the blocks and streamline for 10m 

  • Be able to read the pace clock

  • Swim with smooth continous technique and legal turns  150 freestyle 150 backstroke 150 breastroke 25 butterfly 

  • Consistantly attend 3-4  sessions each week

Sharks Squad 2

Swimmers Will Need

  • A pair of goggles
  • Cap
  • Drink Bottle
  • A pair of zoggs,aqualine or arena short fins at every session please dont buy the red and black speedo diofuse fins - sold at the pool shop
  • A positive attitude


Day Morning Afternoon
Monday   3.30-4.30
Tuesday   6.00-7.00
Thursday   5.30-6.30
Friday 7.00-8.00  






 Attendance Requirements

  • 3-4 sessions per week
  • The start times are the times the swimmers enter the water

Please note, our website time tables are current and correct , and may vary from your enrolment .

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